Meet the main Christmas traditions in Chile

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Christmas in Chile is characterized by heat, because of its geographical location, summer begins in December. It is a time of great joy in the streets, children are everywhere, because the school year ends and it is the beginning of the fun holidays.

The old Pascuero
During this time of the year it is common to see people dressed as Viejito Pascuero, as Santa Claus is known in Chile, carrying gifts for everyone. Tradition indicates that the Old Poinsettia enters the houses on Christmas night and leaves the gifts under the tree.
Having family dinner on the night of December 24 is a tradition in Chile as in many other countries. It is a time to share and to reflect on the meaning of the date. It is common for a family member to dress up as Viejito Pascuero to deliver gifts to children. This day also many families are used to attending the so-called Mass of the Rooster that usually takes place at 6:00 p.m.

Christmas cake 

Exquisite dishes
The best dishes are prepared for the night of December 24 and the entire Christmas season. In many homes, turkey or roast chicken, the famous Easter Bread and other delicacies are prepared. All accompanied by the traditional Chilean drink known as "Cola de mono", which is prepared by mixing milk, coffee, brandy, cinnamon and sugar.

Cola de mono
Easter decoration
The decoration is a fundamental element to celebrate Christmas in Chile. Homes, streets, shopping centers and office buildings are decorated with special care for the season. What predominates is the so-called Easter Tree, decorated with colorful ornaments and bright lights. You can also see the chains, garlands, bells, sleds and all kinds of Christmas decorations.
Chileans also make the manger at home as a representation of Jesus' birth moment.

 Christmas decorations home in Chile

Fireworks to say goodbye to the year
The Chileans celebrate the end of the year with family gatherings and friends waiting for 12 at night. After the toast for the new year that begins, many gather in squares and places where beautiful fireworks shows are presented.
Christmas on the beach
Thanks to the summer of December, many families prefer to spend the Christmas holidays on the beach. Near the Chilean capital there are different places that many people escape, because only a couple of hours away are beaches such as Las Docas, Matanzas, Zapallar, Algarrobo, El Canelo, Isla Negra and Santo Domingo, among others.

Christmas on the beach 

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