What to see in Valparaiso in a day

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Cerros, promenades, museums, bars and curious places are part of this list of the best touristic places of Valparaíso, a fascinating city with countless corners to discover, among a historic helmet declared Patrimony of the Humanity by Unesco, 95 national monuments, a port nicknamed the Jewel of the Pacific and about 42 hills that embrace the bay.

Three unmissable hills ...
Undoubtedly, within the main tourist sites of Valparaíso, there are about 42 hills that embrace the bay, characteristic for their houses of the most varied architectures, where the eccentric, the precarious, the ancient wealth and the influence are mixed. of European immigrants, through buildings that hang from the hills or fit into the rock, communicating between endless stairs and picturesque lifts. They stand out among

Cerro Concepcion is characterized by its elegant architecture, representative of the influence of German and English immigrants who came to the place in the nineteenth century, who tried to bring the image and customs of their lands to this distant hill, explaining this phenomenon because the two temples of the hill, belong to the Anglican and Lutheran religion, instead of the Catholic, predominant in Chile. Today, Cerro Concepción is one of the most important tourist places in Valparaíso, so it is common to see the old houses transformed into hotels, shops and restaurants, which are mixed with walks, viewpoints, narrow streets and steep stairs of the place.

Main tourist places: Atkinson Walk, Gervasoni Walk, Lukas House, Gálvez Passages, Fischer and Templeman, German Lutheran Church, St. Paul Anglican Church and Concepcion Elevator.

Cerro Alegre, like its neighbor Cerro Concepcion, presents an architecture representative of the European immigrants who inhabited the place, who built huge mansions, with colorful facades, from where bow windows and balconies overlook, next to small ante-gardens, which today some cafeterias have used as terraces. In the present, Cerro Alegre is one of the most visited tourist places of Valparaiso, with a large number of hostels, hotels, and services, which are mixed with an environment of passages, viewpoints and stairs.

Main touristic places: Yugoslavian Walk, Baburizza Palace, Astoreca Palace, Cruise House, Bavestrello Passage, Peral Elevator and Queen Victoria Elevator

Located in Cerro Alegre, it corresponds to one of the first lookouts projected in the city, whose significant height above sea level, allows observing the entire plan of Valparaíso. In this place highlights the Baburizza Museum in Art Nouveau style, and outside the promenade, less than 150 meters, the Bavestrello Passage, a small path between stairs that cross the building of the same name, full of graffiti that adorn the walls. To get there, you can take the El Peral Elevator, whose station is at the beginning of the Yugoslavian Promenade.

If you think about what to do in Valparaiso, be it summer or winter, you should know that it is a city recognized in the whole world as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. A deserved prize for its architecture, design, history and cultural contributions. Believe me, it's worth it, to know part of these benefits that the jewel of the Pacific has millions. If your thing is history and bohemian, an obligatory destination is Valparaiso, and if not, anyway you have to go to enjoy these and a thousand more panoramas that Valparaiso has for you.