What to do in Santiago at the weekend

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Here a selection of must-see panoramas to do in the city and at home. Did you stay at home and do not know what to do this weekend? Then take a look at this selection of panoramas to enjoy in the city or in the comfort of your home.

Wanderlust 2019 takes again this green capital area with more than 15 activities related to this discipline, as well as music and a kitchen area. An unmissable panorama. Since 2012, this festival has been dedicated to yoga and meditation. And is that Wanderlust 2019 has become one of the favorites of yogis.

This new capital version (also has been made in Vina del Mar and Pucon) will be held on Saturday 13 in the main esplanade of Parque Araucano, from 9 AM. At that time is the accreditation and the time to leave your things in a cloakroom, then go to the Rebook Stage, the massive warm-up that the Italo Espinoza instructor will do there for half an hour, from 9.30 AM to 10 PM.

This will leave you ready to then go to the Main Stage where the 5K race will start, in which you will run around this green area round trip. Beware that it is not a competition, but the grace is in reaching the goal regardless of whether you trot them or walk. 

Those who go with their children and prefer not to run, at the same time will be the yoga class for children, which will be taught by the instructor Francisca Parra with exercises that will help them relax and control stress. Do not miss the kind of vinyasa flow that the American María Margolíes will do in the Main Stage, who was invited especially for this event and who will be presented between 11 AM and 12.15 PM.

This certified nutrition and health coach who teaches at The Shala House in New York perform standing and floor exercises so that movements flow along with breathing. Another must-see is that of Ashtanga yoga that the Chilean Lorena Cortés will perform on the same stage, starting at 2 PM. This teacher is the only one certified in Chile at level two of this discipline by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois, the Indian scholars who created this style, which includes exercises for body and mind. Also, from 3.15 PM you will have two good options to attend. The first one is the Afroyoga class with Carolina Salamanca also in the Main Stage. And the second is the acro yoga that will be done in the Rebook Stage, and where they will teach you strengthening exercises. It is super dynamic and entertaining.

Of course, the classes are not the only thing in this event that has a value of $18,000, another that includes a shirt at $24,000, and another that goes with all the above plus a mat and lunch, for $ 36,000. There will also be live music at 12.45 PM and close the activity, at 5 PM. During that time, Dj Nea will perform the Wander Party, with dance, hula hoops, and drums. Do not worry about lunch, because as is already known, there will be installed the Kula Market, which is a market of local entrepreneurs and that will have a food court with a variety of healthy dishes, including a bowl with vegetables and quinoa. If you prefer not to spend, you can also make a picnic.