Chile with children: what to do and where to go

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Having children is not an excuse to avoid exploring the globe, but it is a reason to consider options

Having children is not an excuse to avoid exploring the globe, but it is a reason to consider options and, most likely, delay the adventures of traveling aimlessly to properly prepare the journeys.

Chile, due to the many urban and rural events on the territory, is an exciting place to explore with your family.

Punta Arenas

We start in the south with one of the country's most popular tourist sites. While Punta Arenas is a cold town it's an unforgettable experience for the whole family to stay some days in Patagonia.

The Penguins are one of the best adventures for children, where you can enjoy everyday life in the natural environment of the thousands of Magellanic Penguins. The Nao Victoria Museum also has the opportunity to learn more about the world of sailors on board the first replica of the ship that went around the world.

Around November and February, the perfect time to travel is when the weather is mild and when the air is softly available.

San Pedro de Atacama

Located in the heart of the driest desert in the world, this tiny and friendly town may be a heaven for amazing, sporty, and uncomplicated families.

In San Pedro de Atacama time appears to be running slower and the surroundings are particularly calm, so here you adjust your rates and make some physical attempts to explore interesting natural attractions like the Moon Valley, the Tatio Geysers, the Puritama Hot Springs, or the numerous colored waterside lagoons.

Certainly, come ready for the day and unbelievably cold at night to experience extreme temperatures. For the rest, to experience the adventure and beauty of what is also called the Flowering Desert in spring.


This city is situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean and it is very much loved in summer, because the atmosphere has reached temperatures that make it a family resort, enjoying all the days of beach and sunlight.

Moreover, the Short Circuit Entertainment Park is another major attraction that is loved regardless of age. This area has opportunities for outdoor adventure activities, but with all the protection required for children under four.

ATVs, arborism, labyrinths, and walks through the woods and green areas of the place are included in the range of activities.

La Serena

The Avenida del Mar is a well-established tourist destination, with its big beaches, forests and green areas, well-known gastronomy, and amazing history.

In addition to the beach- and rest days, many entertaining events please every member of the family's wishes, which make Chileans spend a whole week enjoying the Sommer in La Serena.

You can find restaurants, cafés, pubs, designer stores, art shows, and even gaming venues on the Avenida del Mar, for example, because it is an excellent schedule for everyone. And, in parks such as Gabriel Coll, the Jardín del Corazón, and the Elqui valley, if you have tired of the salty water and heavy light, the panorama is changing entirely.

Furthermore, there are more fascinating tourist attractions for some people, for example, the Historic Center and its colonial buildings, and some astronomical observatories that let us see the sky from a different perspective, too.