In search of a cultural plan Visit these interesting museums in Temuco

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Regional Museum of the Araucanía
The Regional Museum of Araucanía is one of the typical places to visit in Temuco. Created in 1940, it went through different locations before arriving at its current place, Casa Thiers, in 1970. This traditional house located in the heart of Temuco is also a national monument by itself, declared as such in 1996.

Regional Museum of the Araucanía, Chile 

The Regional Museum houses archaeological collections of ceramics and pottery from pre-Hispanic times. In addition, it has a historical collection with elements from the 19th and 20th centuries, such as tools, household utensils and weapons. Among the most striking, is the section of items of clothing and jewelry Mapuche silver.
Entrance road with palm trees of the Araucanía Regional Museum, Temuco

Pablo Neruda National Railway Museum
Another classic of the city that is highly recommended, is the famous Pablo Neruda National Railway Museum. In Temuco it is located in the old House of Machines of the city, this place preserves the historical heritage of the railways in an environment on rails. In addition, it has a park to enjoy an outdoor walk.

Pablo Neruda National Railway Museum, Chile 

Here, you can get to know its collection of steam locomotives and old first-class cars, among other elements. And they are not only on display, since with the premise of "moving trains", the museum also refurbishes some to offer tourist trips. How about? The Pablo Neruda National Railway Museum in Temuco is unique and very entertaining!
Bird and Wildlife Museum Room
This small museum in Temuco is located on the third floor of the regional building of the National Fisheries Service. Here, you can see on a guided tour several embalmed species of birds, molluscs and mammals of the country and abroad. This is one of the few exhibits of this type in Chile away from the coast.
The sample of this place is composed, in part, by the contribution of private collectors, in addition to having equipment to make audiovisual presentations. This museum room is open to be visited by all audiences. Do not stay without knowing more about the marine fauna!
Mapuche Museum of Chol Chol
On the outskirts of Temuco there are several other sites that are also worth a visit, among them is the Mapuche Museum of Chol Chol. Located in the sector of the same name, it was founded in 1998, six years before the creation of the commune in which it is located.

In this museum you can see collections of Mapuche objects such as textiles and silverware. You also find a collection of tokicuras, pieces that represent the hierarchy of toquis. If you want to get here, among your alternatives you have the option to schedule a trip through the Uber app in advance.
Municipal Gallery of Anibal Pinto Art
In Temuco there is also a place for art lovers, since in the center of the city is the Municipal Gallery of Anibal Pinto Art. This place, located next to the plinth of the square of the same name, has on its araucaria frontis and a water fountain which gives it a striking touch.

Municipal Gallery of Anibal Pinto Art, Chile 

In this gallery, you can find different types of exhibitions throughout the year, such as painting, sculpture, photography and many more styles, mainly from local artists. It is also the scene of musical presentations, which are performed in the base of the place. You already have another panorama to enjoy with your family!