Tourist route of the Metropolitan area of ​​Chile

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The Metropolitan Region of Santiago offers a vast and diverse touristic service, providing products relevant to visitors, cultural and historical tourism; nature and adventure; wine tourism, and gastronomic activities.

The region of Santiago is a place for increasing competition, for different reasons, in relation to industry and tourism meetings. For workshops, conferences, and seminars. The bohemian can be experienced in many neighborhoods, where there is all comfort and excellent cuisine. The destination is safe; it has a wide variety of services; sufficient air connectivity; specialist personnel; a diverse array of pre and post-event activities.

Start the tour in the middle of the city, with the most iconic government buildings to visit and explore the city's most famous. The Palacio de la Moneda, which is the country's center of political operations, is a fine starting point for cultural exhibits during the year.

The Santiago Region continues to celebrate traditional religious festivals in terms of culture and heritage. The Cuasimodo Week, the Holy Week, and the Virgen del Carmen are among them. The lasts ones are; “Brotherhood Dances," or "Chinese" Dances and Virgin Songs, taking place on the 16th July at the Tempo Votivo de Maipú.

The Andes Mountains 

The city lies at the foot of the Andes, made of snow in the winters, and is one of the biggest attractions of white sports enthusiasts. This encourages practicing mountain and natural sports in popular ski centers (Valle Nevado, La Parva, Colorado, Farellones) literally just a few kilometers from the city.

This immediate location enables a range of public and private parks and conservation areas where outdoor sports such as trekking, mountaineering, and riding, many of them by public transportation, can be carried out at the foothills.

In the same way, a few kilometers southeast of the mountain range, the valley called Cajón del Maipo and the commune of Pirque are located.

The Andes Mountains, Santiago, Chile.


Cajon del Maipo - Pirque

El Cajón del Maipo is known for its spot for resting, outdoors, mountain photography, fishing, and walking for those who want to see nature. Excursions, picnics, and a wide range of cuisines can be found in places that can appreciate the picture of its architecture that underlines the classical style established in 1792.

The offering of a range of tourist adventures includes trekking, hiking, rafting, and canyoning. Rock climbing and other hydrotrineo, off-road tours.

There is also the snow center Lagunillas, the natural monument to El Morado and the traditional springs of San José de Maipo, San Alfonso and San Gabriel, as well as the hot springs Plomo and Baños Morales.

The famous Maipo Valley is a winery for wine enthusiasts. The fertile lands of Cabernet bless its famous vineyards. Viña Santa Rita is outstanding, perfect for families and friends to visit.

In Pirque, on the other hand, it is one of the region's green lungs. Its primary draws are linked to wine and gastronomy. You will enjoy a lovely walk through the magical Via Concha y Toro and sample the best strains here. Not to mention the Río Clarillo National Reserve, which is the most visited in the entire country.

El Cajón del Pirque, Santiago, Chile.