Surfing in Chile

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Worldwide, Chile is known for being one of the best places to practice this sport. Come and meet those ideal beaches to challenge the waves.

With more than 4300 kilometers of coastline, the sea becomes a permanent landscape of Chile. Thousands of kilometers are available to enjoy the calm and tranquility of peaceful beaches, but at the same time, our country has places where waves reach impressive heights, becoming the favorite destination for surfers. In the northern part of our country, due to the climatic characteristics of the area, the beaches are high tides, with permanent winds and high force, causing short and tubular waves.

You have to be careful since your funds are usually made of rock. In contrast, in the center-south of our country, the waves are sharp, long, and strong, perfect for surfers. The best season is spring-summer, but it is usual to see national and foreign specialists throughout the year.

Several exponents of surfing internationally have been part of championships and world championships that are often held on the beaches of Arica, and especially, Pichilemu. Some of the most famous riders that have challenged our waves are Kelly Slater, Peter Mel, and Andy Irons, world-renowned figures

Featured places
There are many beaches or places along the coast of our country that give us impressive waves, which captivate surfers with their great heights, their shapes, and their power. Below we inform you about those places and waves that year after year gathers hundreds of fans.

Surf spots recommended:
  • Former Isla del Alacran Arica
  • Iquique
  • Antofagasta
  • Totoralillo Beach
  • Matanzas
  • Punta de Lobos
  • Buchupureo