5 reasons why Rose is the perfect wine to enjoy year round

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The consumption of Rose wine is a rising worldwide trend that appears to be here to stay. From soft and refreshing to sweet and eloquent pink, the market for rosé wine is increasingly diversifying.

The view of rosé as a summer wine has become old-fashioned. Who, by chance, determines what people are supposed to drink during this particular season? Why limiting the pleasure of this wine solely to summertime? Here we share five reasons why #RoseAllYearRound:

Rose wines are perfect to enjoy all types of food. Salads, soups, cheese, pizza, lamb, and spicy food, are just a few examples of dishes that can be paired with this kind of wine. It is, in fact, the best option to have for brunch, and the best wine of choice if all your friends order different courses at a restaurant. It will suit them all!

This flexibility is one of the main reasons pink wines have become one of the most popular varieties nowadays. A great choice to try something special is the new Concha y Toro Rosé. Within its new size of 375ml – a perfect amount –, its blackberry, raspberry, and cherry scents make this wine the perfect partner for innumerous recipes.

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For most wines, the best way to ensure an optimum taste is to age them. In the case of Rosé, this process is not required. Actually, this variety is produced to be consumed immediately after purchase. Wine Tip: cold (8-12 °C) tastes even better.

Rosé is a wine for every occasion. From a pool get-together with friends to celebrations, barbeques, and even formal dinners, pink wines always do the trick! Anywhere, anytime, are two concepts that make Rosé a humble, “democratic and lively” wine. Why? Exactly because of the freedom, it brings to its consumers, and the rising amount of experiences, such as festivals, gastronomic and artistic events, linked to this beverage.

But it is not all about parties in the world of pink wines. Some varieties are a perfect fit for more “serious” occasions. These are denominated gourmet rosés or aged rosés. For these events, my advice is to choose a Marqués de Casa Concha Rosé. This elegant brand from Valle de Itata will amaze the consumer with its remarkable freshness and delicateness. 

Contrary to other varieties, rosé wines’ low prices are not, at all, a synonym of bad quality or bad wine. One big plus of Rosé is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy some good quality selection. 

Despite Rosé being consumed all year round, it can instantly transport you to summertime when you taste it. It is impossible not to relate it to memorable times of fun with friends, the beach, holidays, and picnics. So the question arises: why not reminiscing about these special moments during cold winter days to cheer yourself up? One glass of Casillero del Diablo Rosé and problem solved. I also recommend you combine this delicious Rosé with cheese, vegetables, and fish. You are going to love it! 

As you can see, Rose wines have earned their place and it is up to us to place in our glasses the ¡#RoseAllYearRound!