Vaccination in Chile

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Accelerates the recovery of the tourism sector

With the vaccination process on the rise, it is normal to wonder how this issue will affect tourism and people's confidence in returning to recreational activities. Although it has been a devastating year both nationally and internationally in terms of tourism, vaccination has undoubtedly reaffirmed the hope of these sectors.

Since the campaign began last Christmas, it is expected to vaccinate 15 million Chileans in the second quarter of 2021 and reach immunity for the population by the end of June. However, it is a gradual process that could stabilize in the near future the complications that the sanitary measures related to the confinement entailed.

Mujer del personal de salud Chileno junto a una dosis de vacuna.

The possibility of implementing a mandatory vaccination certificate to attend mass events such as festivals, fairs, recitals, among others, has been raised; although it is stated that these proposals are still an assumption. It is impossible to predict how all these issues will develop in the future.

Within Latin America, Chile is a leading country in terms of vaccination, even surpassing countries like China and Brazil in the number of daily vaccinated. Still, enjoying a vacation without wearing a mask or keeping your distance is still on the horizon. The reopening of the borders to foreign visitors allows them not to carry out mandatory quarantine, as long as they maintain an application that monitors their symptoms against any possibility of contagion for at least 14 days.

A negative PCR will also be requested as the only entry requirement for foreigners arriving in the country. This must be valid for 72 hours. prior to arrival. Therefore, from the official position, protocols are maintained that ensures peace of mind travel in the country.

Being a country dependent on tourism, the vaccine is expected to reactivate the paralyzed economy and allow the reopening of restaurants, hotels, and travel agencies that have seen their operations reduced and have been weakened by the situation. Well, as a country leads the vaccination plan, the restrictions on closures and mobility aimed at leisure will be completely open and, likewise, tourism will be strengthened.

Protocolo de distanciamiento en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Santiago, Chile.

Internal tourism has recently been authorized allowing the reopening of certain destinations and tourist accommodation with health protocols that include self-care measures such as physical distancing, the use of a mask, hygiene, and disinfection.

Although Chile is just beginning the process of mass vaccination, various organizations related to the field of tourism see it as a measure that could stabilize the sector, which is devastated after more than a year facing the complications that has brought the pandemic. This hopeful outlook is a strong tourist attraction for travelers, as they will take it into account when choosing Chile as an ideal destination for a more relaxed vacation.