Five Interesting Facts About Chile You Never Know

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The Landscape is Out of This World
The landscape of the Chilean Atacama desert resembles Mars. In fact it is so eerily similar that it has even been the destiny of film directors to represent Mars in their films. For example, Mars in "Space Odyssey: Journey to the Planets" was filmed in the Atacama Desert of Chile! In addition, the device used by scientists to test if there was life in the land of the Atacama Desert is the same device used by scientists to try to detect life on Mars. Although it is the driest place on earth, it is not uninhabited.

Chile is a large exporter of Salmon
When you think of countries that export salmon, Canada, and Norway are usually topping the list. Chile hopes to reach export levels of Norwegian salmon within a few years. Last year, Chile exported 3 billion salmon, of which 39% went to Japan. With the 8,000 kilometers of coastline, dotted with rivers and fjords, the country's salmon is an important part of the economy.

Tennis is Chile's Reason for International Fame
Chile has won a total of two gold medals at the Olympics, and both were won in Athens in 2004. Fernando González and Nicolás Massú defeated the German doubles team. Nicolás Massú, called "the vampire", also won gold in the men's single category. Massú is the only athlete in Olympic history who won gold in both singles and doubles. Although soccer is the most popular sport, tennis is the most successful.

Do not Ask for Coffee and Wait "Onces"
If you travel to Chile and you are waiting for a good cup of coffee, be sure to ask for "coffee coffee" to avoid getting a mix with instant coffee. (The Nescafé seems to be the most popular coffee brand). You have to be specific because Chile is traditionally a country where you drink tea. In fact they have a traditional afternoon tea, or an after-work interval called eleven that includes a light snack with coffee or tea.

No Need to Speak Spanish
Spanish is, of course, what is spoken mostly in Chile, but it is not a Spanish text. Chilean Spanish is known in South America for being unique; they speak with soft consonants and use words that Spanish speakers outside Chile would not recognize. Interestingly, many Chileans are descended from Germans, so do not be surprised if you hear German spoken, particularly in southern Chile. The languages ​​of native indigenous peoples, such as Mapudungun and Huilliche, are still considered living languages; There are seven extinct languages ​​in Chile. There is much more of Chile than you can expect. This list of interesting facts about Chile is just the beginning. Chile is a vast, diverse and cultural country with many unexpected secrets to discover and explore.