The gastronomic ribera of Chile

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115 kilometers separates Santiago de Chile from the most important Maritime Coast. The Valparaíso Region includes different spas that are very crowded in the summer to enjoy and visit. In addition, this destination surprises its visitors by having a great variety of proposals in the culinary art, elegance in its restaurants with years of history, and spa towns.

The most direct way to get from Santiago is by the important Route 68, known as “Camino a Valparaíso”. However, we do not recommend opting for the fast track, but rather taking the route as part of the journey. Get to know what there is to see along the way, which is a lot and varied, with the freedom to detour and take your time. 

Route CH-68 is a Chilean highway that covers the regions of Valparaíso and Metropolitana de Santiago, in the center of the country. The route begins in Santiago and ends in the city of Valparaíso, 10 kilometers before the end of the detour to Viña del Mar. This road is especially important in the summer, New Years', and long weekends, given the tourist nature from the coast of the Valparaíso Region, known as the Central Coast.

Stop in the valley:

78 km away, after having left the towns of Lolenco and Curacaví behind, already deep in the Valparaíso Region, is Casablanca, a small city located in a valley of no more than 30 thousand inhabitants that deserves to be distinguished. Perhaps the name of the first stop, given in honor of the wife of the King of Spain, sounds familiar to more than one person due to its filmic reference. The Casablanca of Chile, however, has nothing to envy its Moroccan namesake.

The Casablanca Valley offers an environment related to wine, but also excursions and gastronomy, linked to the tradition of the countryside and which allow contact with the world of viticulture. Known for its cold climate vineyards and spectacular landscapes, it is apt to generate a romantic atmosphere typical of any dream getaway. You can tour the vineyards, visit the wineries and the organic philosophy of their fields, ending with a tasting of reserve and premium wines.

Hotel boutique "La Casona", en "Matetic", Casablanca

Beginning with; "Matetic" and its restaurant "Equilibrio", offering high-level outdoor experiences with or without accommodation. Its boutique hotel, “La Casona”, a remodeled old manor house, and the sector called “Indomo”, 19 domes and a “tiny cabin” for glamping, are an architectural delight.

The rest of the vineyards in the area that we recommend not to miss are; "Casas del Bosque" with its restaurant "Tanino", "Bodegas RE", "Emiliana", "Viñamar", "Veramonte", and "Quintay".

To the main ports:

Now, we are heading to Valparaíso and its spa, Viña del Mar. The tranquility and beaches, the restaurants and natural parks, the nightly entertainment, the culture, eccentric bars, architecture and music of the hills of Valparaíso, give life to one of the best options for vacation.

The gastronomic culture is composed of the best products of the sea mixed with the exquisite flavors of the land. Delicious dishes with European influence enchant tourists and locals. The port of Valparaíso has gastronomy rich in flavor and infusion of elements from the sea and the land.

We recommend a visit to; "Ilo Mapu", "Don Vito", "The Austrian" and the "Divine Sin".

North of the Fifth Region:

Taking the F-30-E route from Viña del Mar, also known as “El Camino Internacional”, almost in a straight line to the north, in less than 45 minutes, you will find the city of Puchuncaví, with the same name as the commune. There you will find "El Caballito de Palo" to taste Its meals.

Less than 15 minutes along the same route is Maitencillo, a seaside resort within the commune of Puchuncaví. Upon arrival, we will be dazzled by the sun, sand, and sea. Enjoy the beaches of El Abanico, Aguas Blancas, and Playa Grande, excellent places for lovers of waves and surfing. At the same time, it is possible to delight in the attractive gastronomic offer. The restaurants that are worth delighting in this area.

"Vista Mar'', "La Canasta'' and "Punta Natural". The latter invites you to try its extensive menu of fish, meat, seafood and pasta, combining Italian food with Chilean food in a great way. Its signature drinks are remarkable (Jamaican Julpep, Sour Lines, and products with gin and tonic).

Sea plate, "Punta Natural", Maitencillo

25 minutes to the north-west, following the E-30-F route, is the town of Zapallar, carrying areas of extensive rocky beaches with turquoise and transparent waters. It is a quiet place, much visited by families, with rustic houses and cliffs where there are those who practice paragliding. The gastronomic area is memorable for its views towards the sea and infinite sea dishes.

We recommend the gastronomy at “Chiringuito” and “Donde Gastón”.

Finally, the trip takes place to the seaside resort of Papudo, Petorca province, 15 minutes north along the coast. Go to the sea on a boat trip around the bay, where you can see islets with sea lions, diverse marine life such as small penguins, gannets, and others. Enjoy the sea breeze in your kayak and be amazed by the ocean floor while diving. Enjoy the exquisite dishes of fresh fish and seafood offered by various food venues. And if you have an appetite, buy an artisan ice cream and contemplate the horizon looking towards the Pacific.

 "La Mare" pizza, Papudo

"La Mare" is a pizzeria that we highly recommend, with more than 20 varieties of pizza, both vegan and with meat or seafood. They also invite you to taste their 25 types of beers and the house craft called “Cosa di Mare” (“Chiara” type beer, fermented for 2 months at low temperatures) together at their “Jardi Calata” Bar with an extensive menu of high-caliber cocktails.