5 Tourist Attractions in Chile That You Should Visit

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With one of the most diverse landscapes on the planet, Chile has become an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent years, especially among nature lovers and adventurers. 

This country has also been blessed with an abundance of magnificent national parks and conservation areas, many of which are the most popular destinations for those interested in hiking and trekking, as well as those who enjoy climbing, rafting, mountain biking, and horseback riding. However, among Chile's Tourist Attractions we can find many cultural attractions also in cities like Santiago which offers many museums and art galleries, and the impressive Easter Island with its famous stone figures.

1. Torres del Paine National Park
One of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Chile and one of the most popular travel destinations is Torres del Paine National Park.  More than 100 kilometers north of the city of Puerto Natales in southern Patagonia, this impressive area encompasses mountains, glaciers, and countless lakes and rivers.  The most important region of the park is the Cordillera del Paine, an area that marks the transition from the Patagonian steppe to the subpolar forests of the north.

2. Valley of the Moon and Atacama Desert
The Valley of the Moon is located 13 kilometers west of San Pedro de Atacama in the extreme north of the country, near the border with Bolivia and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Chile. This inhospitable and rugged landscape in the heart of the Atacama Desert attracts many visitors because of its disturbing resemblance to the moon's surface, an effect caused by the erosion of its characteristic sands and stones by wind and water over countless millennia. Despite its remoteness, this amazingly beautiful landscape has supported both human and wildlife life for centuries.

3. Easter Island
First visited by Europeans in 1722, the magnificent and remote Easter Island - named after a Dutch explorer who discovered it on Easter Sunday - has been inhabited for thousands of years by Polynesians. Despite being more than 3,500 kilometers from mainland Chile, this fascinating island with its remarkable stone sculptures is the most recognizable of Chile's tourist attractions.

4. Santiago de Chile
Santiago is not only the financial and business capital of Chile, but also serves as the country's cultural and entertainment center and is home to its best museums and galleries, along with excellent shops, restaurants and hotels, making it one of the best tourist attractions in Chile. Located in the country's main transportation hub, Santiago is where most visitors start their travels before heading to the Andes and other areas of great natural beauty. The more intelligent travelers, however, give themselves time to get to know Santiago.

5. Chile's Lake District
Stretching for over 330 kilometers from Temuco to Puerto Montt and similar to the alpine regions of Europe, the Lake District in Chile is well worth the effort to be among Chile's Tourist Attractions. Like its alpine cousin, this beautiful region at the foot of the Andes has rich farmland at the base of its many snow-capped volcanoes, surrounded by thick forests and the kind of deep lakes that water sports enthusiasts love.