Eclipse Gran Terra Elqui 360

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In Gran Terra Elqui 360 nature is wait for you in Glamping Accommodation on July 1st and 2nd so that you come to write your own story in a new astronomical phenomenon of world level in a natural environment in which you will touch the universe with your hands

Eclipse Gran Terra Elqui 360 offer to participate in a unique experience in the region with specially chosen activities to enjoy this natural phenomenon, in a privileged environment of the Elqui Valley.

The last solar eclipse that could be seen from Chile occurred on April 16, 1839; Now 180 years later, the Moon, the Earth and the Sun are realigned to offer this beautiful astronomical spectacle. Next Tuesday, July 2, Chile, like Argentina, Uruguay and regions of Bolivia and Peru, will appreciate the great solar eclipse of 2019. In the solar eclipses, the moon is positioned very precisely between the Earth and our great star, generating darkness or a shadow in broad daylight. In this case, the event will last 2 hours and 25 minutes, and will reach its peak at 16:39:42 (Chilean time). However, the point at which the Sun will be completely darkened will only last about 2 seconds with 11 seconds.

Scientific tourism
Although the eclipse may be visible a strip of almost 200 kilometers, there are points where you can see better: the regions of La Serena, Coquimbo, Higuera, Paihuano and Vicuña, in the case of Chile. And one of those lucky places is the observatory La Silla, belonging to the European Southern Observatory (ESO).

Therefore, according to calculations of the National Tourism Service, it is expected that some 350 thousand people will arrive to the place to see the event. And the same observatory will receive more than a thousand people.

"Given that we are doing a full-day event for more than 1,000 people, the logistical efforts being made at the observatory are not minor: security, infrastructure, accommodations to face a winter climate at 2,400 meters are key issues so that the event is successful, "said the ESO.

In addition, the observatory will offer other activities. "Visits to telescopes, workshops and simple astronomical experiments, scientific talks and other activities are contemplated to cover the interests of the wide range of visitors," they explain from ESO.