Airports and flights


Flying is a fast and safe alternative in a country as long as Chile. Prices are reasonable, especially if you book around two weeks in advance, and the three major domestic airlines LAN, Sky Airlines and PAL have frequent specials. It is usally cheaper to quote and book domestic flights directly on their websites, rather than going through a travel agent. Smaller airlines operate to more remote destinations such as Robinson Crusoe Island and in Patagonia.

LAN offers a South American airpass with convenient prices, however you must book it before arriving.

Airline Destinations Website Telephone
LAN Chile and worldwide +56 6005262000
PAL Northern Chile +56 6004253510
Sky Airlines Chile and South America +56 6006002828
ATA Robinson Crusoe +56 2 2750363
DAP Patagonia +56 61 616100


The major international air gateway to Chile is Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez Airport in Santiago (SCL). The other airports with international flights (some seasonal) are Arica (Peru, Bolivia), Iquique (Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru), Antofagasta (Peru), Easter island (Peru, Tahiti) and Punta Arenas (Argentina). The following table contains general information about each airport, and you can click on the name to go to its website:

Airports in Chile

City Destinations Location Transport (to city)
Arica (Aeropuerto Chacalluta) Domestic, Bolivia, Peru 18km N Taxi ($6,000), Transfer ($2,000)
Iquique (Aeropuerto Diego Aracena) Domestic, Argentina (seasonal), Bolivia, Peru 45km S Taxi, Transfer
Calama (Aeródromo El Loa) Domestic 6km S Taxi, Transfer
Antofagasta (Aeropuerto Cerro Moreno) Domestic, Argentina (seasonal), Bolivia, Peru 25km N Taxi, Transfer
Copiapó (Aeródromo Desierto de Atacama) Domestic 50km NE Taxi ($15,000), Transfer
La Serena (Aeródromo La Florida) Domestic 6km Taxi, Transfer ($5,000)
Isla de Pascua (Aeródromo Mataveri) Santiago, Peru (seasonal), Tahiti 5km Taxi, Transfer
Isla Robinson Crusoe (Aeródromo Robinson Crusoe) Santiago 1.5 hrs Ferry
Santiago (Aeropuerto Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez) Domestic, worldwide 17km W Taxi ($12,000), Transfer ($5,000), Bus ($2,000)
Concepción (Aeródromo Carriel Sur) Domestic 10km N Tax ($6,000), Transfer ($4,000)
Temuco (Aeródromo Maquehue) Domestic 3km Taxi, Transfer
Valdivia (Aeródromo Pichoy) Domestic 32km NE Taxi, Transfer
Puerto Montt (Aeropuerto El Tepual) Domestic 20km Taxi ($10,000), Transfer
Balmaceda (Aeródromo Balmaceda) Domestic 55km SE Taxi, Transfer
Punta Arenas (Aeropuerto Presidente Carlos Ibañez del Campo) Domestic, Antartica, Argentina 20km Taxi, Transfer