Arica y Parinacota

A region with a privileged climate, with sunshine and good temperatures almost 365 days a year

Millenary culture, colors, music, and beautiful beaches.
The north gateway to our beautiful country. It welcomes you with the driest desert in the world, mixing beaches with a daring high plateau.

Millenary cultures that make this region have a powerful history linked to the ethnic groups of the Andean people. What has reflected strongly every year in the Andean Carnival With the Strength of the Sun. It has the Chinchorro mummies, the oldest on the planet, and with Parks and National Reserves inserted in the heights of the altiplano that astonish all those who visit it.

A region with a privileged climate, with sunshine and good temperatures almost 365 days a year. A perfect destination if you are looking to get away from the cold of the south and know in first person all the beauty and magic that this warm piece of our country offers you.

Highland vegetation
The biogeographic characteristics are related to the climatic conditions and the relief units of this region. The shortage of water, the strong temperatures, and the pronounced thermal amplitudes mark a type of very particular vegetation. In this region, it is possible to find xeromorphic species that are able to withstand the aridity of the desert. On the coast, more favorable characteristics are produced due to oceanic influence, predominantly grasses and grasses of an ephemeral nature that grow during periods of higher humidity.

In the intermediate pampas of the desert, there is no presence of vegetation due to the total absence of rains, except for small areas where the coastal influence is felt, being able to observe some cacti. In the area of ​​the altiplanic zone, where the marginal high desert climate predominates, the greater abundance of summer rainfall allows the development of a denser plant carpet with small, and generally cushioned, plants which, in conjunction with a saline environment, cause fragile and very unique ecosystem conditions.

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