Public holidays and festivals

Chile Public Holidays (see below for festivals)

New Year's Day 1 January Don't miss the fantastic fireworks display in and around Valparaiso.
Easter 22-24 April  
Labour Day 1 May Public holiday with the largest number of shops and services closed!
Navy Day 21 May Commemorates the Battle of Iquique in 1879. The President also gives his annual speech to Congress
Saint Peter and Saint Paul 27 June  
Virgen of Mount Carmel 16 July Chile´s patron saint.
Assumption of Mary 15 August  
National Day 18 September Celebrates the first Government Junta convened in 1810.
Armed Forces Day 19 September Parades held in all cities, with the largest in Parque O'Higgins in Santiago (televised).
Columbus Day (Discovery of America) 10 October  
Day of the Evangelical and Protestant Churches 31 October  
All Saints Day 1 November  
Immaculate Conception 8 December  
Christmas 25 December  
Bank holiday 31 December Banks and other financial institutions are closed. Most other workers finish earlier than normal.

Yearly Festivals

Many Chilean towns and cities have one (and sometimes more!) festivals to celebrate historic, cultural, gastronomic or other local speciality. Below is a list of some of the most famous ones, but check our events page for exact dates.

January Easter Island Fiesta Tapati de Rapa Nui
February San Miguel de Azapa, Putre y Socoroma (Arica) Fuerza del Sol Carnival
February Valdivia Valdivia week
March Curicó (Talca) Grape harvest festival
April All Culture month
June Temuco, Concepción Mapuche New Year
June Fishing villages Festival of San Pedro
July La Tirana (Iquique) Fiesta de La Tirana
September All National Day
December Andacollo (Coquimbo) Festival of the Virgen of Andacollo