Bus information

City Buses

Buses for public transportation in urban centres are known as 'micros', and come in various shapes, ages, noise levels and sizes depending on the city! Bus transportation in Santiago has overgone a major overhaul with Transantiago, but this has not yet spread to other regions where fleets are older and in need of renewal, and micros stop wherever  passengers want to get on. As they are all privately run, some drivers see each journey as a race making it a memorable (if not frightening) experience for the unitiated. Most drivers will stop at the place you are headed if you tell them when you get on.

Inter-regional Buses

Buses in Chile are modern, and even luxurious if you are willing to pay a bit more. For Chileans this is the most common way to travel between different regions, as prices are still significantly lower than air tickets. Bus terminals are a hive of activity, but don’t dordle too much as services are very punctual.

There are frequent services between major cities, and you don’t need advance reservations during most of the year. Plan ahead on public holidays as Chileans travel en-masse to visit family and friends all over the country. At these times, prices usually rise.

Most cities have only one major inter-regional terminal (see below), although in some cities such as Santiago and Concepion, some of the larger bus lines have a separate terminal. 
There are also frequent services to nearby countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil. Be prepared for a long trip and many stops, but it’s still cheaper than an airfare.

City Address Destinations
Bus Terminals in Chile
Arica (Terminal Rodoviario & Terminal Internacional) Av. Diego Portales near corner of Santa María  South, International
Iquique (Many companies leave from near the market) Patricio Lynch Arica, South, International
Antofagasta Pedro Aguirre Cerda & Paihuano North, South
Copiapo (Many companies leave from their offices) Chañarcillo North, South
La Serena  Ruta 5 Norte next to Mall Plaza La Serena North, South
Valparaiso Guillermo Rawson - Zona Almendral North, South
Santiago (Terminal Santiago) Avda. B. O'Higgins 3848 South, International
Santiago (Terminal Los Heroes) Tucapel Jiménez 21 North, South, International
Santiago (Terminal Alameda) Avda. B. O'Higgins 3750 North, South, Coast
Santiago (Terminal San Borja) San Borja 200 North, Valaparaiso
Chillan O'Higgins 10 North, South
Concepción (Terminal Collao) Tegualda, next to stadium North, South
Concepción (Terminal Camilo Henriquez) Chillancito North, South
Temuco Pérez Rosales 1609 (northern approach to the city) North, South, Argentina
Villarrica Av Pedro de Valdivia 621 (main terminal) North, South, Argentina
Valdivia Anfión Muñoz 360  North, South, Argentina
Osorno Av Errázuriz 1400 North, South, Argentina
Puerto Montt Corner Av Diego Portales & Lillo North, South, Argentina
Punta Arenas No central terminal (most within 1 block of Colon Street) North, South, Argentina