Chile fun facts

Did you know that in Chile ...

  • there are almost 900 moai (statues) on Easter Island (Rapa Nui),
  • you can swim in the world's biggest pool at Algarrobo, near Valparaiso,
  • you can find the oldest mummified remains of the Chinchorro preople near Arica?

Now for some more formal facts about Chile !

Chilean Facts and Figures

  • Official Name|Republic of Chile**
  • Motto|By reason or by force**
  • Capital (and largest city)|Santiago**
  • Population|17.2 million (2011 estimate)**
  • Government|Unitary presidential republic**
  • President|Sebastian Piñera (assumed March 2010)**
  • Independence (from Spain)|February 10, 1818 (declared)**
  • Currency|Peso (CLP)**
  • Drive on|Right**
  • Time zone|GMT -4 to -6**
  • Calling code|+56**
  • Literacy|96%**
  • Life expectancy|78 years**
  • Borders|Peru, Bolivia, Argentina**
  • Highest mountain (and highest volcano in the world)|Ojos del Salado 6,891m (22,608ft)**
  • Longest river|Loa (440km)