Visit the Valley of Las Trancas all year long and enjoy the hot springs and adventure sports such as Canopy, Ski and Snowboard

Beach, mountains, and valleys. Cradle of great personages of the history of Chile like the father of the Mother country Bernardo O'Higgins or the great national singer-songwriter Violet Parra. A new region is born between Nevados de Chillan and the beautiful beaches of its coast.
Come and discover their fertile vineyards and vines in the Itata Valley. Meet the towns of Confluencia and Quinchamalí with their beautiful handicrafts in clay and its rich cherries. Visit the Las Trancas Valley all year long and enjoy the hot springs and adventure sports such as Canopy, Ski, and Snowboard.
Chillan welcomes you with its incredible cathedral and its exquisite market with the best sausages from Chile. A must-see is San Fabian de Alico, with its reserve of huemul and its incredible Laguna de la Plata.

The existing vegetation in Nuble is of varied characteristics due to the climatic conditions that markedly define the species of flora that is feasible to find according to its altitude from mountain range to sea. In the Andes mountain range (communes of San Fabian de Alico, Coihueco, Pinto, San Ignacio, El Carmen, Pemuco and Yungay), numerous characteristic species of the Chilean native forest are represented, such as the Coihue, the Oak, the Raulí, Nirre, Avellano, Radal, Palo colorado, Maqui, Copihue, Chilco, Quila, Capachitos, Orquídeas, Lirios de Campo, Maihuen, wild Strawberry, among others.
In the middle depression or central valley of Nuble, it is possible to find plant species of the so-called sclerophyllous forest that develops under conditions of low rainfall. Dryland in much of the year where the Quillay, the Liter, the Huingán, the Espino, the Crucero, the Blackberry, the Rosehip, the Golden Thimble, Field Carnations prosper.
The Cordillera de la Costa, increasingly diminished by its replacement by pine and eucalyptus plantations, gives the right environmental conditions to find native Chilean forest species also present in the Andes mountain range. Of great ecological importance is to find in these places the scarce Queules, arboreal species in danger of extinction.
The coastal is characterized by numerous plant species that cover the dunes and flat terrain that are located before reaching the beaches as well as the rocks rocked by the waves of the sea. Of them, we can mention the Lilies of the field, the Ananuca, the Suspiro, the Doca.

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Come and visit its beaches in Cobquecura and Buchupureo. Visit the new Region of Nuble and its charms!