COVID-19 – Chile Updates

To curb the rise in COVID-19 infections, the Government presented an inter-ministerial plan that contains a series of preventive and restrictive measures.

The new measures that govern from Monday, April 5, are the following:

1. Restriction of travel abroad

  • Travel abroad will be restricted during April, May and until June 15, both for Chilean citizens and resident foreigners. It will be allowed, through the Virtual Police Station, employing a form, to request extraordinary authorization for the travel of people abroad.

  • The entry of non-resident foreigners in Chile will also be prohibited, except for those duly authorized by the Chilean consular authority in the country of origin.

  • Truck drivers entering by land border will be required to have a PCR for a maximum of 72 hours and random antigen tests will be performed by health personnel on drivers entering the country.

2. The personnel considered essential within the activity that is authorized will be limited, including public officials. For it:

  • The scope or definition of essential or essential worker will be incorporated within the definitions of the Step by Step Plan: "They are those workers and/or service providers of a company or public or private institution, whose business has been declared essential, who perform functions that cannot be carried out electronically and that are essential for the activity of the business itself, such as operational, logistical and productive tasks, maintenance of systems, security, cleaning, and sanitation. Administrative, accounting, financial tasks are expressly left out of this definition. and advisory and consultancy services. Workers who provide minimum services that must be ensured in the event of a strike are included in this definition. "

  • The obligation to inform: - The total number of workers of the company (hired or who provide services to it) - The number of workers or service providers considered essential and for which the PUC is requested will be incorporated into the Single Collective Permit. - The work of the worker is considered essential and for whom permission is requested (operational, logistical, and productive tasks, maintenance of systems, security, cleaning, and sanitation).

3. Individual movement permits are limited
For those communes that are in phase 1 (check here), two individual permits are kept weekly, they can be requested up to twice a week. On weekends or holidays, only one of the two mentioned permits may be used.

4. Change in curfew time
From Wednesday, May 19, the curfew for the entire country is delayed from 10:00 p.m. until 05:00 a.m.

5. Capacity for religious services in phase 1
For the realization of religious services with the public in phase 1 of the Step by Step Plan, a maximum capacity of five people is established who can attend the minister of worship.
To have complete and more detailed access to the plan proposed by the Chilean government, access the following link.