Valparaíso de Chile: Heritage, culture and fun

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The date of foundation of Valparaíso de Chile is not known with exactitude, but it is estimated that it was around 1559, when the Spanish conquerors built the church La Matriz. The boom of the port occurred at the beginning of the 19th century: the city became an obligatory stop for the ships that came from the Atlantic and crossed Cape Horn, developing a strong international trade. Waves of English, German and French immigrants arrived in Chile's Valparaíso, attracted by the opportunity to do business and establish themselves. Reflecting that are the buildings built with architectural styles in force in Europe in the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Among them, you can see the Intendency building in Sotomayor Square (current Commander in Chief of the Navy), the Anglican Church Saint Paul in the Concepción hill, the Ross Palace, a traditional building used today by the German Club; the Palace Lyon, current Museum of Natural History, the Church and Convent San Francisco of neobarroco style in the Baron hill. Nowadays, Valparaíso de Chile has become an unforgettable destination in South America. In this video you can get an idea of ​​this bohemian city.