The return of Osaka Santiago

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It has just reopened the award-winning restaurant Osaka Santiago, one of the first Nikkei dining rooms that landed in Chile in 2000 and that, thanks to the explosive cuisine of Chef Ciro Watanabe, revolutionized the local palates with its blend of Peruvian and Japanese flavors.

Almost eight years it was working on the fourth floor of Hotel W - where now is the Nikkei Karai - and, after just over a year closed, a month ago officially opened its doors in a huge room for 240 people. Located next to the Hotel Noi, in Nueva Costanera, it has a millionaire investment, which is noticeable, above all, in its beautiful setting: a large space of two floors with a terrace soon to open; wood, textiles and other noble materials everywhere and, of course, a bar right in the center of the place from where you can see the itamaes cutting delicate sheets of fresh fish or blowing some meat nigiri.

Osaka restaurant in Santiago de Chile

The menu offers new preparations featuring local fish and seafood, although always keeping the spicy, spicy and tasty mark for which Watanabe became famous. And, by the way, including some local classics, like the refreshing tiradito Jakka -with white fish, orange and mint oil-; the duck gyosas -adictive-, seafood with fire and tenderloin with balsamic sauce and truffle oil, among others.

What to try?
Of the novelties, we recommend the cebiche Umi Pawa ($ 14,000), a real marine revolt that comes with white fish of the day, limpets, lunatics, clams, a milk of tiger based on piure -soft and delicious, suitable even for who hate this seafood- and an ideal sweet potato puree to reduce itching.

Osaka restaurant in Santiago de Chile

Also the nigiris, bold, intense and well worked; They are small flavor pumps among which the Inca ($ 4,000) stand out, with impeccably cut white fish, delicious yellow chili sauce and crispy quinoa; El Buta ($ 4,000), with pork jowl that looks like butter, a touch of Chinese cinnamon and pisco; and the Gyutan (3,000), a slightly smoky, tasty marigold with a touch of yolk cured in ceviche sauce.

Osaka restaurant in Santiago de Chile

There are also maquis, pecks to share and strong wok dishes, grilled or cooked in the famous grill oven called Josper - all between $ 12,000 and $ 18,000 - among which is the Pepoh Gohan ($ 18,000), which includes rice piure with chicharron of seafood, pebre and alioli al merken.